Top 9 Door Repair Errors

There are many issues that affect the well functioning of the door. Some of the main problems that affect the doors include the following.

1. Loose Screws

The screw can become loose especially in some seasons such as the winter season because of humidity and temperature. This can result into different issues such as making your door to sag, and not to fit in the frame of the door. It may also make the door to rub or stick on the frame making it difficult to open and to close the door. You can find out more information by calling professionals of door repair by phone +1 (416) 253-9615.

Door Repair Errors

2. Door that Stays Open

The other problem that you are likely to note on your door is when it is frequently opening itself. This can be as a result of it not fitting well on the frame. Also, it is possible that the jambs of the door could not be standing vertically. The door accounts for 11 percent of the energy loss from the house. Normally, a door should remain closed unless it is left open. Whenever you note that your door is opening itself, it is a sign that there is a problem with it and you need to fix a door.

3. Squeaking Doors

Squeaking of the door is the other common problem that affects doors. There are several causes of Squeaking of the door which is caused by friction on the hinges. This may mean that you need to oil the hinges so that they do not grind on each other. Squeaking can be irritating whenever you open or close the door.

4. Fading on the Door

The door is likely to fade especially during the winter season making it have a bad appearance. This is common on wooden doors since they absorb water and moisture making the color loose. However, you can treat the wood and prevent it from fading. You can also use a fiberglass material that is resistant to moisture. By so doing, your door will have the original color intact thereby ensuring that your door looms beautiful all the time.

5. Door Hitting the Wall

You may notice that your door is opening beyond the allowed extent. You can solve the problem by use of door stops which are of three types. You can use a door hinge stop which stops the door from opening beyond the point you would wish to have open. You can also use an adjustable rod to stop the door from opening wide.

Errors of Door Repairing

6. Door that Won’t Latch

You may notice that you need to push the door hard for it to latch on the strike plate. The problem can be solved by replacing the screws with longer screws. You can also identify whether you need to ove the plate up or down. Close the door and use a mark to draw the areas where the door is hitting the plate.

7. Fading of the Doors

Cold and wet seasons can dampen your house. The accumulation of vapor can make the door to change its appearance. In most cases, the door is very likely to rust. Te solution to this problem is to install a fiberglass door which does not get affected by any kind of weather. It is resistant to moisture while it can also not rust since it is usually treated.

8. Doors Failing to Close

You may note that after you close your door effectively, it won’t close. This problem may be caused by several factors. In such a case, you not force the door to close. Instead, call a technician to identify the actual problem and rectify.

9. Doors Opening Halfway

If you notice that your door is not opening wide as it should, there is problem that needs to be fixed. The problem is likely to be caused by a jammed pulley or misaligned. It is also likely to be caused by an obstruction making the door not to open fully. You need to check f t re is an obstruction and get rids of it or if it is a complex problem, you can call a technician.