Eric Gyamfi (b. 1990, Ghana) is a photographer living and working in Accra, Ghana. Eric hasa B.A in Economics and Information Studies from the University of Ghana (2010 to 2014) He is currently pursuing an MFA at the Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology. Gyamfi is also a third-year fellow at the Photographers’ Master Class (Khartoum, Sudan 2016 and Nairobi, Kenya 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa 2018). He was an invited participant to the Nuku Studio Photography Workshops (2016) and World Press Photo West African Master Class (2017), both in Accra. Gyamfi received the 2016 Magnum Foundation Fund


Gyamfi’s work spans across photography, and recently sound and print making.


A storyteller, his work centers of themes of belonging, which he looks at from an economic, social and historical perspective; From the complex lives of alleged women witches in Gambaga, in northeastern Ghana, and another on documenting queer life and spaces in Ghana, The later having evolved into a more expansive body of work now incorporating the responses of audiences to the ongoing work itself as a means to tracking the life of the work and general conversations on what it means to be queer here and now. Freely weaving public response with the work also allows/creates a space for some kind of direct engagement and collective introspection. In his work just like us, Just like us: Bulletin study, and just like us: constellations, and just l like us: Windows and mirrors study, these methods are manifested

In more recent works such as a certain Bed, Gyamfi takes a more inward looking approach to talking about home, rootedness, and the role of the photograph as an object of recall.



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