How to Fix a Glass Door

Glass doors experience various issues which needs t be fixed soonest possible. Glass doors have advantages in that they allow in the light while they are also energy efficiency especially when double glazing has been applied. Broken glass doors are a threat to children and adults. It is therefore important to fix broken glasses immediately. As a precaution, it is advisable not to open glass doors using too much force since they are likely to break easily. When a door sticks and it doesn’t move, you might need to call a technician to rectify the issues. Some of the problems with sliding doors include the following.

To Fix a Glass Door

  • Dirty rollers
  • Problems with the wheels
  • Bending of the track
  • Broken glass
Some of the above problems can be fixed with the intervention of a technician while others do not need their intervention. Besides, some of the problems require the glass to be replaced while others can be repaired.
Dirty rollers can be fixed by cleaning. The rollers are found at the bottom of the door and they enhance the free movement of the glass door. They enable the door to slide smoothly while opening or closing. If there is dirt in the roller, they may hinder the glass from sliding. The problem can be solved without the intervention of a technician since you can use a brush to get rid of the dirt.
In other instances, you will note that there may be problems with wheels and they may need some adjustment. The problem is likely to make the whole door to jump off the track. To fix the problem, you will need to rectify the roller wheels and ensure that they are all in the right place. This can be done by adjusting the bottom screws. Both sides of the glass door will need to be adjusted to ensure that it is even.
Bending of the track can also result into issues with your glass door. A bent track will impede the roller thereby preventing the glass from moving. The track may be bent inwards or outwards. If you try pulling the glass door while the track is bent inwards, it is likely to pull off the track. You can rectify the issue by placing a block of wood against the track and a hammer. Then hammer the track until it gets back to its place.
Broken glass door is health hazard and a safety concern since thieves can easily get access to your home. To repair a broken glass door, you will need to remove the glass from its place and replace it with another one. Make sure to get a qualified technician to assist you in this task.