How to Open a Jammed Door

A jammed door can be a security threat. Nevertheless, it can make you to be late for work or any other task that you have planned to work on. Extreme temperatures, use of faulty locks and keys can make a lock to jam. If you are not in a hurry you can easily fix the lock. There are the steps you should follow to fix the problem.

To Open a Jammed Door

Step 1

Make sure that you are using the right key to open the lock. Once you are sure, determine the cause of the problem. In case you live in areas with extreme temperatures, freezing could be a possible cause. You can try warming the key by either hold it inside your fist or breathing into it, then insert the key into the keyway. Try and see f the door is opening.

Step 2

You can also try lubricating the key. Moisten the key with a lubricant and the insert it into the keyway. Silicon based lubricant or graphite can also be used to address the problem. Alternatively you can dip the key into the lubricant and the insert it in the lock and allow is to rest for some time. The try at least five times to open the door.

Step 3

Make sure that the deadbolt is well positioned. In case it is not in the right position, make sure to adjust it so that is where it is supposed to be. Normally, it should on the jamb. You can try to widen the strike hole. You can do so by the use of a file.

Step 4

First, remove the plate that covers the lock. You will need to first loosen the screws. If the lock is still not working, you will need to get a new lock. You can purchase one from hardware and then come and install in to your door. You will need the assistance of a professional to reinstall the lock. Then tighten the screws and our door will be safe for use.